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Chapter Fifty Six: Food & Beverage Industry UAE

The UAE has long been an attractive destination for global entrepreneurs. Professionals in the UAE can take advantage of numerous benefits. So, it comes as no surprise that this place attracts so many business enthusiasts from around the world, as there are countless investment opportunities to explore and profit from that are ever evolving.

Food and Beverage Sector in the UAE.

The love and craze for foods and beverages has skyrocketed, especially in this post-pandemic state we are currently living in. Thus, explaining the tremendous growth, the Food and Beverage Market has seen over the past few years, and it is expected to continue to grow to a great extent. If you are looking forward to investing or starting a business in the UAE, in the Food and Beverage industry or any other sector, Turnkey Corporate Services Provider can shed some light on the how to and where to start from.

The Food and Beverage industry is one of the world’s most profitable sectors. Just like other business sectors in the UAE, the leadership of the country has been focusing on building a perfect platform when it comes to the F&B industry.

When it comes to the UAE, the following points are the key drivers of the Food and Beverage sector:

  • A multicultural ground;
  • Demographics: the high presence of youth;
  • High GDP growth of 4.5 % year on year;
  • High GDP per capita;
  • Continuous growth in tourism, retail and hospitality industries;
  • A high demand for health, sustainability, lifestyle and fine Food and Beverage products;
  • Extensive competitive market;
  • Events and shows.

Do you want to start a Business in the UAE? What are your Food & Beverage Business options?

Some of the highly availed business options:

  • Restaurants, Hotels and Cafes;
  • Bakeries;
  • Butchery ;
  • Food Trucks;
  • Food Manufacturing and Central Kitchen…

The biggest, the smallest, and the most entrepreneurial F&B brands are already present in the UAE or on their way to establish a presence. Why not you? The UAE is an excellent platform to start an F&B concept from scratch or to develop awareness on your already existing brand.

Turnkey Corporate Services Provider is a unique concept in the UAE that helps entrepreneurs set a foot in the UAE and leverage the endless possibilities that exist in the thriving environment of the UAE.

Our F&B division provides immediate insights and lasting solutions to Restaurants, Café, and Hotel groups, to cultivate and execute new concepts, business plans, branding and marketing, menu development, revitalize and reposition underperforming restaurants, and managing operations to streamline processes, unify culture, and drive profits.

The Food and Beverage division is dedicated to working one-on-one with every client and on every project regardless of size. Project development can be highly demanding. For this reason we devised our “Early Business Engineering” procedure to help you get started. We provide 360 expertise and solutions to turn your idea/vision into (a tangible) reality! At Turnkey Corporate Services Provider we provide local intelligence to foreign franchisers seeking location, local inputs, and talent acquisition.

Our Areas of Expertise for New Openings:

Market Research, Trends, and Analysis, Strategy and Feasibility.

It starts with understanding the market. We survey local and international trends, research the market for potential customers, and analyse financial viability to develop concepts that are both cutting-edge and make (good) business sense.

Turnkey Corporate Services Provider houses a full-service agency for brand development, marketing and promotion via PR, traditional and social media, ensuring your share of voice in a highly competitive market. We design marketing collateral and packaging and provide corporate identity templates to ensure consistent application.

Location Sourcing.

We help you find the most relevant location to set up your F&B outlet based on market research trends and popularity zones.

Menu Development.

Based on the target audience, our team designs menus for a range of clients desiring classical/traditional or trends such as global, regional, local and fusion.

Menu styles include gourmet, ethnic, comfort, farm-to-table/locally sourced, organic, vegetarian, and vegan. We ensure a process for menu execution, efficiency, and profitability.

Pre-Opening Support.

We assist in the opening stage to ensure all processes are in place and the wheel is running smoothly during the first few days of opening and we offer continuous support throughout when required.

Our Area of Expertise for Existing Businesses:

Restaurant Turn Around.

When your business is heading off the cliff, you need a clear, action-oriented plan to get things right.

We specialize in solving problems like yours whether it is profit performance, cost management, food quality or other problems our team of restaurant consultants can help.

We are ready to welcome you into the Turnkey’s family and community. Reach out to us and let us understand your needs better.

You can reach out to us through WhatsApp to freely discuss your needs.


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