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Business Administration, Advisory Consulting, Private Services | Turnkey Family Office Dubai

Welcoming you to the Country of Endless Possibilities!

Who we are

In short: Perfect Execution and Customer Service.

We are a client centric one stop shop, catering to individuals, families and businesses, big or small.

When it comes to establishing your life in the UAE we provide all the tools, guidance and knowledge you might need, making it a smooth and exciting transition.

What we strive for MAKING YOUR LIFE EASY – everything we do is about helping you make the right choices in establishing yourself in the UAE.

What we envision being your GO-TO in the UAE. We are a one stop shop, consistently delivering on service and value for our clients. We want you to turn to US for your personal or business needs every step of the way.

Our core values : Our clients, their families and their businesses are like our own. We build communities and leverage these communities to support and better client experiences.

We work in complete discretion and professionalism. YOU are safe with us.

Who Are Our Partners?

We closely collaborate with a network of top-tier local and international banks, product manufacturer, authorities, financial advisors and other counter parties to provide you with the best services. Our Due Diligence process has been thought in the best interest of our clients and our partners. It enables us to work closely and directly with every our selected parties in the best interest of all.

Business Administration, Advisory Consulting, Private Services | Turnkey Family Office Dubai

Choose A Better Life

Time and time again The UAE has proven its resilience in times of global or domestic challenge. Moreover, it has shown it can keep a steady track or even grow at times when the global economy struggles with crises such as the on-going COVID19 pandemic.

Business Administration, Advisory Consulting, Private Services | Turnkey Family Office Dubai

We Thrive with Your Success

Setting up your business in a new environment can be intimidating. With us you will have a clear roadmap of the step by step process and we will make sure you can start and scale free of headache in one of the world’s most business friendly environments. No Corporate or Personal Taxes, 100% Corporate Ownership and many more benefits. The sky is not the limit here!

Business Administration, Advisory Consulting, Private Services | Turnkey Family Office Dubai

Invest In Your Future

The UAE is the modern day land of opportunity; a place that encourages personal and professional growth and prosperity. There are countless opportunities that you will come in contact with on a regular basis and we will be there to see you through.

Ready to Turn the key?

Understanding What We Do

Private and Personal Services

Everything you need to move and live in the UAE as an investor (real estate or business owner), employee or Golden Visa holder.

Business Administration Services

Expanding your horizons by establishing a new business in the UAE, growing and scaling your existing business, or moving your business partially or completely to the UAE.

Consultancy Services

Establishing the grounds for you to enter new markets, develop new products, or find new customers, suppliers and partners that will enhance your business.

Opportunity Screening Services

Providing the tools for you to understand private market opportunities and make calculated investments with the guidance of our experts.

Products & Services

A little about who we are, what we do and why you should choose Turnkey Family Office to start your move to the UAE. We like to describe ourselves a client-centric one stop shop for those would want to build a successful personal life, family life, and business in the UAE. What we do best is understand our clients and execute their vision seamlessly. We provide YOU with everything you will need to start a new page and operate a fully functional business in the UAE.

Personal Services

UAE resident services
• Family relocation services
• Administrative support for yourself and your family
• Health and Life insurances
• Guidance for education through school advisory, university orientation, registration, and home tutoring.
Work guidance for internships and job hunting
• Housing guidance through neighborhood selection, advisory on renting or acquiring a home, mortgage negotiation, lease and utilities management.
• Bank account opening and management
• Payment management
• Support from financial advisors and wealth management counterparts
• Planning and managing exclusive bookings such as holidays, trips, restaurants, special events
• Drafting and assistance with estate planning and will to protect your assets but also your descendents (Custody / Guardianship)
• Second residency / passport.

Business Administration Services

• Guiding you through the legal forms and structures in best jurisdictions to conduct your business activities in or from the UAE
• Drafting Business Plans and other mandatory corporate documents to establish your business in the UAE
• Incorporating or acquiring legal entities in the UAE to conduct a determined activity
• Providing representatives to direct or manage your business from the UAE
• Drafting trusteeship agreements, foundations and other legal forms to manage your successions successfully
• Providing a point of contact for all legal, commercial and administrative matters
• Ensuring compliance with the UAE regulations, AML / CTF / KYC, ESR etc…
• Opening and operating a corporate bank account
• Basic office requirements
• Bookkeeping, Accounting, Auditing and VAT Registration and quarterly reporting and ensuring compliance with Authorities and Ministry of Finance regulations
• Trading, Logistics, Invoicing and other transactions and operations
• End to End Employee management

Consulting Services

• Providing sectorial market research and studies to determine the potential of a given sector / product / geography
• Market entry strategy consultancy
• Technical RFPs drafting and / or assistance in responding to RFPs from potential clients and partners
• Introduction to partners, suppliers, potential clients, and other stakeholders in given markets and geographies and local lobbying
• Sales pipeline development through pitching of service or product to network of stakeholders gravitating around Turnkey FO;

Investments Screening

• Understanding private market opportunities
• Investing alongside ourselves network of experts

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Business Administration, Advisory Consulting, Private Services | Turnkey Family Office Dubai

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Leading in perfect execution and customer service, we are a client centric one stop shop. We cater to Successful Individuals, their Families and their Businesses. We provide YOU with all you may need to start a new life and operate your business from the UAE.

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