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Chapter Fifty Three: The UAE’S new Visa scheme


On the 3rd of October there was a new visa scheme released which introduces new residency tracks and entry permits, making exiting the UAE much more simplified.


Changes to the golden visa scheme:

The recent changes that have been made to the golden visa scheme have expanded the categories of individuals who can apply for the visa.

Benefits of the changes –

  • The holder of the golden visa can stay outside of the UAE for longer than 6 months and there will be no effect on the visa
  • If you are an investor and are buying a property worth a minimum of two million dirhams, you can get the long-term visa even if it is an off-plan property
  • You can sponsor your children (there are no age limits) and there is now no cap on the number of support staff you can sponsor
  • The minimum monthly salary requirement has decreased from 50,000 dirhams to 30,000 dirhams for skilled professionals (more skilled professionals can also get long-term residency)


Skilled professionals include:

  • Medicine
  • Sciences and engineering
  • Information and technology
  • Business and administration
  • Education
  • Law
  • Culture and social sciences

(Applicants should be classified in in the first or second occupational level as per Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, and should also have a valid employment contract)


Visit visas:

  • The five-year multi-entry visa does not require a sponsor, allowing the visitor to stay in the country for up to ninety continuous days. You must have proof of having a bank balance of 4,000 dollars (or its equivalent in your currency) 6 months prior to giving your application
  • A visitor can apply for the entry permit if they are a relative or a friend of a UAE citizen, and a host or sponsor is not needed.
  • All visit visas now allow a stay for 60 days instead of thirty, and all visit visas are available for single or multiple entry and can be renewed for similar periods



Job exploration visa:

The job exploration visa does not require a sponsor, or a host and it is granted to those who are fresh graduates from the best five hundred universities in the world and individuals classified in the first, second or third skill level as per Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.


Family sponsorship:

Previously the age of sons who were being sponsored was eighteen and it has now been raised to twenty-five, there is also still no age limit for unmarried daughters. For children with determination are granted a residence permit (no age limit). This is applied for all residency types.


Green visa:

If you are a skilled employee, the new visa scheme provides a five-year visa without a sponsor or employer

– If you are a skilled employer with a valid employment contract and a monthly income of at least 15,000 dirhams or a freelancer and investor you can apply for the visa.


Grace period after cancellation or expiry of visa:

When the residency visa expires, UAE expats get a grace period of 30 days to either leave the country or get a new visa, however with the new visa system you are given up to 6 flexible months (it is still unsure as to whether it is applicable to all visa types yet or not)

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