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Chapter Eighteen: Connecting Global Capital with the best Deals and Opportunities


To fulfill your potential and achieve every goal, whether as an individual or leading a business, it is crucial that your money is always working on your behalf. Technology has made the world much smaller, and business opportunities are as easy to invest in when located on another continent as they would be if located in your own city. The challenge for investors then becomes not finding a suitable deal or opportunity, but finding the best one, wherever it may be.

Working for You

Turnkey Family Office continually assess new opportunities as they emerge, and then provide the seamless connection between capital and project based on that insight. From risk profile to preferred markets, we match those deals and opportunities with clients, brining global capital into projects with exceptional potential. This not only delivers value for clients, but global funding for UAE regional projects that often deliver on long-term environmental and cultural goals.

However, as we have seen recently, the world can change rapidly, and so identifying appropriate opportunities means assessing more than the project itself. Across Dubai and the UAE, a business-friendly approach makes investment more attractive, while efforts to ensure covid-free environments ensure that opportunities within the region are some of the first to resume relatively normal operations, reducing risks compared to other areas of the world where the pandemic is still impacting business significantly.

Bringing Capital and Opportunity together in UAE

With the many advantages of the region, including tax-free investments and for those thinking of relocation to the region, tax-free income too, our UAE expertise brings unmatched insight into the region’s opportunities. In fact, with Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and the Ruler of Dubai stating quite clearly that “the country would never adopt an income tax as a way to tackle the deficit,” there is a lot to recommend when discussing the potential opportunities within the area.

By connecting client capital from around the world with profitable deals and opportunities within Dubai and the UAE, Turnkey Family Office brings benefits to all parties. Our clients enjoy high rates of return on their investments, with opportunities carefully matched to their own risk profile and ethical expectations. Not only do deals and opportunities receive the influx of capital they need, but these emerging opportunities of all kinds further enrich both economical and cultural progress within the region and in turn enabling further opportunity.

Strategic Investing to Achieve Your Goals

Identifying appropriate deals and opportunities early enables value to be maximized, allowing clients to fully exploit opportunities that are carefully tailored to their own needs. In this way, we continually deliver investment vehicles that fulfill client objectives, bringing capital and opportunity together in a structured, effective way.

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