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Chapter 7.1: Most internationally renowned universities are opening campuses and satellites in the UAE

You can get a lot from studying in international universities in the UAE. You won’t only be able to pay local fees, you will get the chance to boost your career. After studying in UAE for a while, you can even transfer to continue your studies at the home campus of your school.

Since you will be getting international experience from studying in these universities, you stand a better chance of landing great jobs than other people. You will also be exposed to the culture and economic models of other countries. As you go further, you will learn more about international branch universities in UAE

How it works

The majority of universities offer undergraduate study for four or five years. The same thing applies to international universities in UAE. Even if you’ve been transferred, you will still use that same number of years for your study. In some international universities in UAE, students stay in Dubai for their first year of study. When they get to the second year, they move to another campus. Some of them even go as far as moving their students two different times. Such students are moved again in their third year of study.

When an international student from Dubai graduates from a foreign country, some of them are offered an opportunity to stay for a while. For instance, international students in Australia are allowed to stay for two years after completing their studies.

All you need to know about the fees

The fee you will pay depends on the international university that you attend. Your fee can also change if you move from the branch campus in UAE to the home campus in another country. In some cases, the fee doesn’t change. If you attend Rochester Institute of Technology in Dubai and later move to the home campus located in New York, you will still pay the same fee you paid when you were in Dubai.

There are also rooms for specialization when you attend international universities. If you’re not interested in specializations, you can always choose to continue with your major. While transferring to a new campus, you don’t have to restart. International universities in UAE give their students the chance to transfer all their previous programmes to the current ones. So they can easily continue with the same academic pathway.

The benefit of studying at an international university

When you study in an international school, you won’t only build lifetime friendships. You will get experiences that will make you spectacular in your field. To maintain a high standard, the courses of international universities are reviewed frequently. You will only take industry-relevant courses.

If you’re transferred to the home campus of your university, you will be globally recognized. You will even build personal networks that would be useful for you in the future. One of the most popular international universities with transfer options is Murdoch University. Its main campus is in Australia. No matter if you’re an undergraduate or a postgraduate student, you can use their transfer option.

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