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Chapter Twelve: Property Investment Opportunities in Dubai


With the positive economic trends recorded in Dubai, UAE, in the first half of 2021, it is clear that the city is enjoying a surge of economic growth in the wake of an unfolding emergence from the Coronavirus pandemic that dampened 2020.

Housing prices in Dubai are currently on the rise. With the advent of Expo 2020 later in the year, coupled with the launching of the Dubai Urban Master Plan 2040 in March 2021, the economic prospects of the city have never looked so bright. The city is poised to embrace a positive future, with greater lifestyle and employment opportunities in a modern, integrated society that will put Dubai amongst the most desirable destinations in the world.

With the stage set for an expansion in the economic arena alongside a forecast substantial population growth, and a boost in the tourism sector, surely now must be a prime time to secure your stake in that future.

When weighing up your options for property investment in Dubai in the current economic climate, it is advantageous to seek the advice of property experts who specialize in the Dubai real estate sector. At Turnkey Family Office, we partner with Dubai-based, well-respected professionals who can be trusted to offer sound advice and provide assistance. They may also offer the wise investor a winning range of properties as suitable, solid investment opportunities to consider.

Investors can rely on professional advice from Off-Plan Properties, based in Dubai. They have strong working relationships with the city’s most respected property developers and they can confidently guide you to any style of property you are seeking to match your preferences and your budget. Their involvement in your choice of purchase offers the investor or buyer the assurance of obtaining the best purchase price and preferred contract terms when you buy direct from the developer. Best of all, their professional service is free of charge to the purchaser.

Dubai has well-established property developers, including Damac Properties, Emaar Properties, and Nakheel being among the largest of them. All three are actively involved in the development of ultra-modern, well-planned residential and commercial complexes around the city. These respectable promoters are currently offering excellent opportunities for off-the-plan investments.

Damac Properties can offer the buyer some excellently placed luxury apartments and villas either as investments, as holiday homes, or as your own residence, in communities designed and developed to ensure the best opportunities in modern city lifestyles. Their portfolio includes stylish properties in prime locations close to world-class leisure facilities. You can choose from ready-built real estate, or something modern and new from their off-the-plan projects.

Emaar Properties are considered one of the city’s most prominent off-the-plan developers. They are renowned for their development of integrated, sustainable master-planned communities that are transforming the face of real estate in Dubai. Emaar Properties can claim the breath-taking Burj Khalifa as one of their crowning glories.

There are considerable benefits in buying property off-the-plan, compared with already-built properties, including advantages like:


  • Purchase a brand-new property with the most modern inclusions
  • Buy at discount prices, compared to prices for built properties
  • Lower down payment plans
  • Up to 80% financing
  • Excellent payment installment plans
  • You pocket any value increases during the construction period
  • You have the option to sell at a premium, prior to completion
  • A wider selection of quality choices to meet every preference


When you need professional advisory services to assist with understanding real estate market and investment opportunities in the UAE, you can’t go past Turnkey Family Office. Get in touch with our professionals at https://www.turnkeyfo.com/


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