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Chapter 7.2: Studying and living in the UAE/Dubai without your parent and the family

If you study in UAE, you will live a new cultural experience in a country with a great economy and education. The education system in UAE is a great product of western higher education. Even in the Gulf region, you will find the best schools in UAE. The number of higher institutions in the UAE is increasing at a fast rate.

Currently, there are 53 institutions. Three of them are state funded while the remaining fifty are private institutions. Unlike in government institutions, there is less competition in private universities. So, you will find it easy to gain admission into any one of them. As you go further, you will learn more about how to study in UAE without your family.

Education system

Within a short time, UAE has established a great higher education system. As they continue to establish higher institutions, they’ve also been improving their quality of education. The three government institutions in the country are UAE University, Higher colleges of technology and Zayed University.

If you want to gain admission within a short time, it is advisable to apply for private institutions. As an international student, you need to take the TOEFL test. Success in the exam is proof of proficiency in English.

Student Visas

As an international student, you need to get a student visa. Without it, you can’t study in UAE. You must also have a sponsor. As a higher institution can sponsor you, a local relative can also be your sponsor. Student visas last for only one year. To continue studying, you have to renew your visa. To get a visa, you have to submit major documents. Some of them are passports, application forms, photographs, admission letters, medical tests, and tuition fees receipts.

Living costs

Before you decide to study in UAE, you have to consider your budget. The budget should cover your accommodation, travelling plan and all other important things. You can even search for part-time work while you’re in the country.

Every student in UAE doesn’t have the same cost of living. Your cost of living depends on your accommodation and lifestyle. It is easier to get student accommodation than to get private housing. In some cases, you might have no choice but to get private accommodation. Some institutions don’t have enough housing facilities for their students.

Tuition fees

The tuition fees you will pay depends on your institution, course and study level. In Dubai, some international students pay as low as 37,500 AED per year. Some institutions charge as high as 70,000 AED in a year.

If you’re a postgraduate student, the cheapest tuition fee you can pay is 55,000 AED in a year. For any expenses, it is important to add 1,200 AED in every month. If you’re going to be taking within 12 to 16 credit hours, you have to pay annually. In a case where you take below 12 credit hours or above 16 credit hours, you have to pay per credit hour.

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