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Chapter Twenty-five: How to hold your family visa

“Hold service” for visas implies if you get terminated from your job or left it as you have a better job offer, you will require to change your visa from your current employer to your new employer. However, if you are sponsoring your family, you will also have to cancel and reissue your dependent’s visa/s. If you are sponsoring your family, then you can use visa ‘hold service’.

The immigration authorities of United Arab Emirates added this option of a ‘hold service’ with which you can put your family or dependent’s visa on hold, allowing you to change your UAE residence visa from one sponsor to another.

This service allows a family sponsor to tell the authorities that they do not want to cancel their family’s visa/s, rather put it on hold. On the other hand, they can change their own sponsor for employment without any worry.

To avail this service, as per the UAE Federal Authority for Identity and citizenship the requirements are as given below

  • Cancellation form.
    • Offer letter from the new company – salary and profession.
    • The residence visa for the sponsored should have a minimum validity of 3 months.
    • The holding period should not exceed 60 days from the hold date.
    • Refundable deposit with holding fees.
    • Sponsored original passport and original Emirates ID.
    • Sponsor`s original passport and original Emirates ID.

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