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Chapter 6.1: How to navigate the schooling system in the UAE? Which curriculum for which type of family/Child?

There are a lot of private schools in the UAE. These private schools offer almost all types of curricula. The most popular ones are the British curriculum, Australian and the likes. From the foundation stage to A-level, you can pass through all the right stages in the schools. As we go further, you will learn more about the different curriculum available in UAE schools

American Curriculum

Students are not mandated to study up to grade 10 in this curriculum. They are introduced to different subjects till they get to the university. The focus is more on the in-depth study. Since they prioritize the development of children, they allow students to repeat subjects that they failed. As a result of the flexibility, there is no emphasis on a particular core curriculum. Different states follow different programmes.

Australian curriculum

It follows the assumption that the different needs of students are all important. The teachers set high expectations for each student and expect them to deliver. The teachers are also rated based on the performance of the students. The focus of the Australian curriculum is to ensure students develop skills that would help them become great professionals. To assess and test students, they work on projects frequently.

British curriculum

Students are trained to think and solve problems for themselves. Students trained with the British curriculum won’t only be able to form opinions. They will make their decisions and be responsible for the actions they make. The curriculum is divided into blocks known as key stages. There is also a foundation stage meant for preschoolers. Even if a school is known as a “British school”, it doesn’t mean that it follows the British curriculum. In recent years, there has been a fall in the standard of a lot of schools.

French curriculum

Since schools using this curriculum follow the programme of the French Ministry of National education, they are recognized and recommended by the French government. The programmes available in the French curriculum covers Kindergarten, Primary school and College. If you’re a foreigner of French origin, attending a school following the French curriculum would put you in the right direction.

Indian curriculum

There are two different options the Indian curriculum offers. They are CBSE and ICSE. The CBSE stands for central board of secondary education while ICSE means Indian certificate of secondary education. Since the two curriculum offers high education standards, you can choose any one of them. If you prefer a more scientific approach to study, you can choose the CBSE. Even though it is tough, you would learn a lot.

International Baccalaureate

The program covers one’s education from the age of 3 till the sixth grade. As students learn, they take on projects to learn better. During the projects, they don’t only master public speaking. They learn how to make presentations. The focus of the International Baccalaureate is to get skills that would help students succeed after school. Since the workload is huge, the students have to be hardworking.

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