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Chapter Three: Sponsoring your family.

The UAE, and most particularly Dubai, aims at attracting talents and expertise by offering the safest most attractive life environment you can dream of in 2021… and the plan is to make it even better by 2040.

If you are not a GCC national, you will need a residency visa to live in the UAE. The UAE residency visa has a limited validity period: 1-year to 10-years depending on the type of residency visa you have secured in the first place.

You can also sponsor your family. Below the process and required information for your spouse / children:

Requirments for Processing Dependents Visas:




Documents from Sponsor: 

Original passport copy with valid UAE residence visa page of Sponsor
Original Emirates ID card of Sponsor
Original attested tenancy contract under Sponsor’s name (Ejari)
Latest electricity and water bills (DEWA) under Sponsor’s name
UAE personal bank account/statements (if applicable) stating IBAN no.

From Dependent (spouse or child)


Clear colour passport copy
Legalized Marriage certificate*
Legalized Birth certificate (child)*
Entry stamp passport page / Visit visa / cancelled visa (if any)


* Marriage / Birth Certificate

The legalized marriage / birth certificate has to be duly notarized by the notary public with English legal translation, legalized by the supervising authority further legalized by the UAE Embassy from the country of origin and super-legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE. 

Please see the process for legalisation and super-legalisation of the marriage / birth certificate for visa applications

The documents will need to pass three stages in sequence prior to being sent to our UAE offices:

  • Attested by solicitor in the country of origin
  • Legalised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country of origin
  • Legalised by UAE Embassy for attestation in the country of origin

Upon receipt of the above documents, we will arrange for the following:

  • Legalisation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE (We can take care of this here).

Read all the delails on sponsoriship here.

These procedures may seem very cumbersom… But we are here to help.

You can reach out to us through WhatsApp or you can book a 15 minutes chat with us to freely discuss your needs.

You can reach out to us through WhatsApp to freely discuss your needs.


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