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Chapter Twenty-two: Investing in Collectables Turning Hobbies into Profits


A well-rounded portfolio is a diverse one, balancing risk across multiple markets to provide stable growth even in challenging economic conditions. Alternative investments have attracted significant interest in recent years, with art, wine, cars and more finding enthusiastic investors and, it has to be said, fantastic returns.

Trading Cards

These exotic options don’t stop at the more traditional assets though, with trading cards changing hands for millions and other collectibles seeing rapid price rises, there are opportunities everywhere. While most of us won’t be lucky enough to have a pre-rookie Babe Ruth Baseball Card lying around, one recently sold for $6 million, there are opportunities for investors. Pokémon cards are also rising rapidly, with one seeing its value go from $700 in 2009 to being sold for $350,000 in 2020. A 50,000% increase in a decade.


Its not just cards, collectables come in many forms, but are usually physical products that are limited in availability, a tangible asset that can rise in value. Cars have become a popular option, especially the latest limited-edition models from brand such as Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini. Here, getting an order can see offers of $100,000 to $400,000 more than the list price, before the vehicle has even been delivered. Classics offer a different, but similarly profitable approach.

Cars can rise dramatically in value over time, the key here is to spot a model that seems undervalued compared to its contemporaries. Eventually, the market will recognize that and see prices rise. Driven by emotions and trends, the classic car market can be a challenging one to decipher, but profits are there to be had.

Understanding the Collectables Investment

There are so many more beyond trading cards and vehicles, with everything from Star Wars merchandise to the finest malt whisky having potential for investment returns. However, there are some things to consider before bringing some kind of collectable investment into your portfolio.

Collectable markets are unregulated, it can be difficult to liquidize the assets quickly should it become necessary and establishing the actual value of specific assets can be challenging. With that in mind, while there is definitely profit potential in collectables, investors really should focus on something they enjoy, to gain value from those assets regardless of future pricing.

At Turnkey Family Office we can provide insight and guidance on most markets, with a network of experts who can help shape understanding of a given asset and its profit potential. While there is the opportunity for significant profitability within these markets, the risks are higher than in more traditional assets from the unregulated nature of the collectables industry.

Even with that in mind, seeing value go up in an asset you enjoy owning is perhaps the best-case scenario for any investment, and finding a collectable asset that truly interests you can make the whole process an enjoyable one. With help from us here at Turnkey Family Office, you really can turn your hobby or passion into long-term growth for your investments.

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