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Chapter Nineteen: The Turnkey Family Office Advisory on identifying the best investment deals


Committing to new opportunities for investment is always a key decision, impacting both current and future financial performance. However, there are a number of considerations when identifying new investment deals in the region, and much of that revolves around medium to long-term outlook.

Both from an ethical standpoint and in terms of long-term potential, new opportunities that focus on reducing environmental impact are a key interest. As the world changes to accommodate a new paradigm regarding climate change, much of what we take for granted today must change in the next two decades. Our focus on opportunities aimed at reducing carbon emissions reflects the reality of future focus for governments around the world, and the potential early investment represents.

Net Zero Carbon by 2050

Scientists never fully agree about much, but the consensus on the need to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 is almost unanimous. Individual opinions on the subject are not relevant for identifying the best investment deals, just the potential for profit. It is clear that with such consensus of opinion alongside initiatives such as the Paris Agreement, that the world’s governments will follow this path. For those of us seeking the best investment vehicles, this is a sign of where large-scale demand will be both in the medium and long term.

Seeking out sustainable projects that are designed to aid the journey to that net zero carbon emissions target is not necessarily about finding ethical investments, although of course that can be a good thing too. But it is about a sector that has a very clear route to constant, global demand moving forward.

This covers a wide range of initiatives, from renewable natural gas production to solar and other energy initiatives, battery technology and so much more. In addition, there are broader initiatives including government driven solutions that offer specific benefits for investors too, all of which allow clients to take advantage of the global transformation to carbon neutral existence that we recognize is an inevitability.

Investments covered by legislation

While we know that governments around the world must adopt strategies that make full use of current and emerging technologies to deliver net zero carbon emissions, what makes opportunities within this sector so enticing as investments is that it is not just words.

The Paris Agreement already started the process, putting a need to deploy carbon neutral and negative technologies into legislation. By creating laws that force both individuals and businesses to adopt such technologies, finding the right vehicle early on means secure, lower risk investments into the future.

At Turnkey Family Office, we identify, assess and gain insight into new sustainable opportunities, allowing us to find the best deals within a sector that delivers the most opportune investments. Through this process, we are able to provide access to the best investment deals available for our clients, providing not just the ROI that they expect, but the peace of mind of being part of a technological and cultural shift that will have a positive impact around the world.

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